One-Time Delivery

$ 36.00

Whether you just need one case of Waiākea, or a dozen for an upcoming event, our one-time orders are paid in full and ship all at once. If you find yourself ordering frequently, take advantage of 10%-20% savings with our subscription plans.

Choose Between Our

Waiākea Nui (1L): The elegant Waiākea Nui 1L bottles provide a healthy dose of hydration! The 1L is a perfect size for active lifestyles that require significant hydration, the natural way. With Waiākea 1L, you get even more of the thirst quenching health benefits of Waiākea in our sleek, convenient and eco-friendly 1L bottles. 12 bottles per case.

Waiākea Iki (500mL): Our most popular bottle size, the Waiākea Iki 500mL, ships in a 24-count case, making it a great value. Waiākea Iki is the ideal size for all those runners out there, and works great in giftbags, conference rooms, and events of all types!

Take comfort in the fact that Waiākea is sustainably sourced and packaged, making it the first certified CarbonNeutral bottled water and beverage, while contributing to high impact social programs for every bottle you buy.